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Ductless Mini split systems reduce the footprint required to move conditioned air into an interior space. They are ideal for providing heating and cooling in homes built for centralized HVAC systems or in locations where minimum space is at a premium. Like many traditional HVAC systems, ductless air conditioners and heat pumps are measured according to their SEER (Cooling) and HSPF (Heating)ratings.



PTAC (Hotel Style) Units

PTAC (Hotel Style)

A package terminal air conditioner (PTAC) is a single cabinet, 'through-the-wall' unit built to deliver single-zone cooling and/or heating .  PTACs are typically found in hotels, hospitals, one bedroom apartments, or other locations where single-zone air conditioning is required. They are relatively compact, easy to install, and not usually high effecient.

Duct Boosting - How to increase air flow in ducts.

What is the problem ?

First of all let's talk about the problem of inadequate airflow . For one reason or another many homes have been built with undersized ductwork. The problem usually shows up in remote rooms that are too hot or cold. What's going on here is that pressurized air (from your furnace, air handler) will take the path of least resistance and not travel to those distant rooms, causing Stratified air in these rooms.


What can you do ?

First rule: Cheap things first! Most furnaces or air handlers have multiple speed connections (taps). Perhaps you can raise fan speed on the unit. If you do have too much airflow on the shorter duct runs, you will need to change that air flow. Dampers located on your grilles or registers are not very useful for this purpose and can cause a lot of noise if used. We do recommend balancing dampers in the ductwork. Obviously this approach may not work for you and does require some labor.

You may also consider a ductless mini split in each room, or one or two to augment the air (heat or cool) for more comfort and dehumidification.



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