Heating and Airconditioning Supplies for Residential, Industrial


 Started out as Auto Mechanic taking first class for the Chrysler Power Flight Automatic Transmission when it was first introduced in 1956. From there worked my way up as service Tech. for L.p. Gas Company, taking many Classes such as IBR for Advanced Hydronics, Janitrol Heating School, attending Michigan State for HVAC continuing Education and Many other Classes to continue.

Continued into Sales by associating with Wholesale P&H Distributors traveling and Training their employees in Air Conditioning, Heating Alternative Energy, Air Purification and Water Conditioning.

Formed my own Business for Water Conditioning and Installing HVAC products, Attending Fire Fighters Training Course with EMT. Taking many Courses on Hydronics and holding a Class D Boiler Liscense for the State of Michigan.

Worked for HVAC Manufacturer in  Houston and traveled West Texas Training and Sales for the New Air Conditioning Products which were just being introduced to the Industry. 

Offering products like Air Conditioning, Split systems, and Heating,Heat Pump Coils for Gas Furnaces and Air Handlers,Hepa filters and UV lights for Furnaces and Air Handlers.

Joined a Manufacturers Representative Agency and traveled 5 States Training Contractors in Heating, Air Conditioning, Air Purification, IAQ and Air Handling.

Many years in the Industry as HVAC Technician, Installer and Sales for HVAC, Boilers and Plumbing -Manufacturers Representative since 1991, Purchasing HVAC Surplus and obsolete supplies from Wholesalers, Dropshipping and listing products to Auction sites and Wholesalers in the HVAC Industry.


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